HongChenghu International Square

Southern Second Ring Road, Chengmai

Floor area:12879 ㎡

Construction area:14295 ㎡

Plot ratio:4

Greening rate:35%

Building type: 板塔結合

Project Profile


Located at the east of Southern Longkun Road, Hongchneghu International Square is neighboring “Longquan International School”—a 4-storey temporary building to the south, facing Hongchenghu, spaced by a 25-meter-wide furrow and the dorm site of Hainan Tobacco Company, on the east, and lying against an 8-meter-wide planned road in the north to be adjacent to an 8-storey commercial building and other 3 to 5-storey buildings. Hongchenghu International Square is an ecology-oriented modern comprehensive housing estate, covering an area of 14,295.76m2, and constituted by three 26-storey high-rise residential buildings and one 6-storey commercial buildings. Facing Hongchenghu on the east, the project is located at the core of Southern Longkun Road of Haikou transportation center, and surrounded by main roads such as Guoxing Avenue, Nanhai Avenue and Hongchenghu Road, which enables residents to enjoy urban prosperity as well as natural ecology. And complete supporting facilities eliminate any worry in your life.

Layout of Buildings

This project is constituted by one commercial building and three high-rise residential buildings. According to the planning and design requirements of Haikou Planning Bureau and the status quo of finished basement construction, and under the principle of functional zoning, the commercial building is set along South Longkun Road, and retreating one more grade in correspondence to the original pillar network to reach a retreat limit of 17.6 meters, which is conducive to first-floor commercial function and the rest and parking of people and vehicles. The three high-rise residential buildings are set behind, among which building A is re-designed by using the original designed and constructed pillar network according to relevant requirements to reach appropriate space with surrounding buildings and achieve the goal of beautiful environment. And building B and C is located at the east of A and staggered in south and north with the the least space exceeding 2meters, and the upper floors can have good conditions. 

Layout of Roads

Apart from facing South Longkun Road on the west, the estate is adjacent to an 8-meter-wide planning road in the north, and a 16-meter-wide planning road formed by the upper cover plate of a furrow on the east. By leading the north planning road into the main entrance, the estate has circular motorways in all sizes and four entrances directly into the basement. These simple and direct roads connect and separate all functional buildings of the estate. 

Parking lots are mainly arranged in the first and second floors underground, and a certain number of parking lots are considered on the ground to meet certain demands. 

Layout of Green Land

Except building lot, road site and necessary rigid square in front of the commercial building, other sites and the empty layer of the three residential buildings are designed as greening site, fully covered by grass. In the meantime, arbors such as coconut trees, Roystonea regia, and ficus microcarpa and various shrubs are planted in the way of combination of points, lines and planes, so as to beautify the environment and improve estate quality. 

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